[Download] DNKL’s ‘Hunt’



This one has been languishing at the bottom of out inbox this week sometimes that happens when your being inundated minute by minute, but we’re very glad it didn’t pass up by completely. It’s the début track from an enigmatic Sweedish trio called DNKL. We guess, in the tradition of removing vowels from your band name, that DNKL could be pronounced ‘Dankel’, ‘Dinkel’ or ‘Donkel’. We’re going to go with ‘Dinkel’, ‘cos it makes us chuckle.

The track is called Hunt, and it’s a glorious slice of post-Chillwave ElectroPop with some of the most intoxicating, warping synth bass you’ll hear this side of a mid-80s movie soundtrack. The wonderful bass aside, Hunt is a brooding and deeply emotional four minutes of cinematic SynthPop. Haunting and atmospheric, Hunt never crosses the line into dark, melancholic maybe, but embodying a kind of optimism, it’s waves of hazy chords and razor sharp leads conjuring the beautiful rather than the ominous. It’s all very Sweedish, that mixture of icy Scandinavian synths and intimate, human vocals, and we love it. And that bass truly is mesmerising.

DNKL – Hunt

Check out more from DNKL on SoundCloud.

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