[Audio] Baio’s ‘Mira’



After a couple of critically acclaimed EP’s (one on Greco-Roman, the other self released) Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio’s House flavoured solo offerings, under the moniker Baio, move to Future Classic for the release of his new EP, Mira. The track has bee teased for a while now, but it’s finally been unleashed in all it’s glory. Check it out.

Subtly and confident in it;s own abilities, Mira eschews flashy tricks or cheesy hooks from a revolving, hypnotic groove and clever arrangement. Vocal snatches pepper the tune, riding alongside metallic stabs over a subby, grumbling bassline. Clocking in at six minutes, the track takes it time and methodically lays down new elements throughout, sometime sounding Deep House, sometimes classic 90s, sometimes more abstract Electronica but with a cohesive, mesmerizing, vibe that really draws you in.

♫ Baio – Mira

Baio’s Mira is released 28th October.

Buy Baio’s music from:


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