[MP3] Chromeo’s ‘Over Your Shoulder’



What a couple of weeks it’s been for new music! To top everything off here’s the new single from the almighty Chromeo. It’s no secret that Chromeo are one of our favourite outfits and after last week’s album teaser we never expected this new single to break ground so soon. But here it is, and a free download too. Get your teeth into Over Your Shoulder.

The words ‘slab’ and ‘funk’ spring immediately to mind, shimmying alongside the word ‘smooth’, as Over Your Shoulder is a smooth slab of funk as only Chrome can deliver. A slick, electric piano driven tune that shows off Chromeo at their subtler, and most quintessential, selves. A tongue-in-cheek tale woven by Dave 1’s vocals set to a thick backing of Electro-Funk and 70s Disco licks, swooshing synths and a lazy bassline, make for the best of laid back Chromeo. The first track taken from Chromeo’s forthcoming new album, White Women, Over Your Shoulder definitely has us eager to hear more.

Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

Chromeo’s forthcoming new album, White Women, is due out later this year or early 2014.

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