[MP3] Ben Macklin’s ‘Make Me Feel’


- - -

Taken from his forthcoming EP for Modal Recordings, Make Me Feel is the new tune from Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin. Featuring Rowan Arnold from The Dukes on a vocal turn, Make Me Feel has seriously got us in the mood for the rest of the EP with it’s laid back Tropical take on Electro-Funk-Pop.

Loaded to bursting point with Boogie, Make Me Feel channels 80s electronic Soul as it builds it’s walking groove to toward a chorus the injects a little of the Balearic into the mix. A stuttering, bubbling, synth bassline give the tune it’s charm, coupled with a B-boy beat it gives the track a gruff, nostalgic, feel, before the Island Disco and Arnold’s smooth vocal take care of the tracks easy going poolside elements. Head nodding, pensive, stuff.

Ben Macklin (Feat. Rowan Arnold) – Make Me Feel

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