[Audio] Katy B’s ‘5am’



Following on from the pretty massive What Love Is Made Of, UK UrabanHousePop artist Katy B has just unleashed her new single, titled 5am. Released next month, the track recently débuted on Radio 1 and looks set to do some serious chart damage.

5am is a huge slice of House inspired Pop. Mixing up bit’s of 90s influenced Dance Music and bassy London House 5am delivers an energetic soundtrack to Katy’s increasingly smokey vocals. It’s a track with an big ol’ chorus, utterly infectious, complete with catchy lyrics and a hands-in-the-air hook that’s a sweet mixture of Ravey and Tropical. Definitely deserves a few spins.

♫ Katy B – 5am

Katy B’s 5am is released 28th October.

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