[Audio] Röyksopp’s ‘Daddy’s Groove’



New material from Norwegian legends Röyksopp is coming in drips and drops these days. After the release of last December’s Running To The Sea, we were pretty convinced of an incoming summer album and possible festival dates. It’s still a possibly, but that kind of hype momentum hasn’t started just yet. There is, however, another drip, another new tune.

Daddy’s Groove, is the intro track to the latest edition of the British Late Night Tales mix compilation series that sees Röyksopp taking up the reins for nineteen tracks of ecclectic weirdness. The track mixes Röyksopp’s tundra electronics with a lazy Disco groove. Bringing the tempo right down is a lot of the time where Röyksopp shine, and they do so here with an array of lush pads and toytown leads. The hazy, drifting vocoded vocals are just the icing on the cake.

♫ Röyksopp – Daddy’s Groove

Röyksopp’s edition of Late Night Tales is out 17th June. Pre-order here.

Buy Röyksopp’s music from:

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