[Audio] Röyksopp’s new single


Recently débuted on Norwegian Music TV show Lydverket, this is the long, long, long awaited new single from Röyksopp. Röyksopp are massive favourites of ours, and in the current climate, wintery cold but sunny as hell, their music just seems to fit. It’s been three years since the amazing junior, and two since it’s more experimental companion Senior, and Running To The Sea, featuring the vocals of Susanne Sundfør is a epic return to the world of Pop.

This track just reminds us how incredible Röyksopp are. Sweeping and dramatic, loaded with emotive piano and rousing drums, it’s a track that you can’t help but feel something for. Like the best Röyksopp tunes it’s kinda’ understated and effortlessly sounds majestic without trying to hard. Sundfør’s powerful vocals are a perfect match for Running To The Sea. There’s not much else to say. Amazing.

♫ Røyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea

Running To The Sea is available to buy in Norway, or you can pick it up at Röyksopp’s online store.

Buy Röyksopp’s music from:


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