[Audio] Chvrches’ ‘Gun’



The worrying prospect that one-day Glaswegian ElectroPop trio Chvrches might release a shit song and the dream will be over is, thankfully, not yet something we have to concern ourselves with. In fact, these guys are only getting stronger. Surely they can’t be that perfect, even if they are from Glasgow. here’s their latest tune, Gun, to make you feel like all’s right with the world.

Gun unleashed a swell of perfect Power Pop. Given a robotic edge by a rash on Numandoid synth sparkles, the core of the track is driving retro Pop. A big empowering tune that sees Lauren sounding ballsier than ever, she doesn’t sound so much like she’s about to break this time around. Really, ElectroPop doesn’t get much better than this, everyone should be really looking forward to the September hinted album release.

♫ Chvrches – Gun

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