[MP3] Lancelot’s ‘Higher Ground’


Fresh Australian producer Lancelot, who released the awesome We Can Dance last year on Binary, has just unexpectedly made his return with this lush, Housy Disco tune. The free download comes after  quite a period of relative quiet front he man, but that’s fine, we here are big believers in quality over quantity and think the current culture of having to release all the time is harmful for fans and producers alike. right here Lancelot proves why it’s best to take your time and get it right, he definitely brings the quality.

Higher Ground mixes up deep House vibes with Tropical Disco feel, which makes for a euphoric, feel-good, but irresistibly dancey tune. Hypnotic, but funky the track wraps you in it’s arms and doesn’t let go until the dance is over. this is truly one to get lost in on the dancefloor. We’re hoping that 2013 is a year we will hear a lot more from Lancelot.

Lancelot – Higher Ground

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