[Audio] Only You’s début EP



New Jersey based  retro Popster Only You has been on our radar for a while now. First coming to our attention back in October last year, this one man band has been steadily letting loose a selection of slickly producer, retro, Pop tunes and is now ready to collect them all, alongside some new material, on his début EP, Another World.

Released this week, the Another World EP hold five storming tracks. Thee of which we’ve covered before; Secrets, The Starchild and the EPs highlight Reap The Voice You’ve Made, alongside two brand new tunes. The EP opens with it’s title track, and the releases only instrumental. Another World eases you into the tone of the album gently. A swirl of lush synth sounds rush around the track, pinned down by vintage drum sounds and a pair of intertwining melodies that wrap around each other like smoke. I would have been concerned about kicking off the EP with an instrumental, but am proved wrong as Another World introduced you to the EP’s nostalgic 80s tone. Where Will I Be? is the calm before the album plays out on Reap The Voice You’ve Made. An anthemic lament set to driving arpeggios and sparkling lead lines. The guitar feels slightly out of place here, especially against the Italo bassline, but it doesn’t feature much so it’s all good.repertoire. Where Will I Be? is a welcome addition to Only You’s repertoire. In the current climate of male vocaled retro Pop releases (i.e. a surprisingly large amount of them ), Only You had done an excellent job of carving out a coroner of the niece for himself. We look forward to more.

♫ Only You – Where Will I Be?

♫ Only You – Another World

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