[Audio] Only You’s ‘The Starchild’


A couple of months ago we featured New Jersey retro Pop artist Only You, who came from nowhere, with just one song, but impressed the hell out of us with his slick, personal, take on vintage Pop music. Now here comes track number two which is, dare we say it, even more catchy and a hint more anthemic.

The Starchild continues Only You’s quest to capture the best of 80s American SynthPop. It’s got everything you’d want in a retro Pop track, punchy drums, appreciated bass, shimmering lead lines and razor sharp chords, with Only You’s vocals, this time round, taking on a big, stadium Pop, quality. You can just imaging rows of screaming teens in big hair singing along on old VHS concert footage. There’s only really a handful of artist who get 80s Pop completely right. Kid Kasio, Patrick Barker and the like, Only You has definitely joined their ranks.

♫ Only You – The Starchild

Check out more from Only You on SoundCloud.

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