[Audio] Only You’s ‘Reap The Voice You’ve Made’

Only You

Here’s the new one from retro Pop artist Only You. He’s released three songs so far, and earned three posts on electronic rumors, that a 100% conversion rate so far! This New Jersey based producer consistently impresses with his slick 80s style ElectroPop tracks. With a slight Americana twist, and heaps of nostalgia, his tunes always brighten out day.

Once again his latest track, Reap The Voice You’ve Made, shows off his rich, expertly crafted, songs. And epic vocal performance, introspective and intimate in the verses, powerful and anthemic in the choruses, raises this track up. Accompanied by authentically period drums and bassline and some shimmering synth lines, the whole track comes together to form an exciting, uplifting experience. Some of the best ElectroPop around.

♫ Only You – Reap The Voice You’ve Made

Check out more from Only You on SoundCloud.

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