[Audio] Wolf Saga’s ‘Reign At Night’


Wolf Saga

Wolf Saga is a Canadian artist whos been hovering around out radar for a while now. Producing some seriously epic ElectroPop with a mix of SynthWave, Chillwave and Indie-Electro flavours, Wolf Saga really knows his way around a synth. He’s just released a new single, Reign At Night with all the vocoding and soaring solos you could want in a track.

Reign At Night drops you into a moody, storm filled, soundscape, punctuated by a raindrop arpeggio before delivering a rich SynthPop track loaded with 80s references without actually being an 80s pastiche. Heavy chords and brooding vocals soon give way to a vocoded refrain and a blissful, sweeping synth solo that. Reign At Night is a truly encompassing experience that sucks you in and ever have a little Disco groove in there too. The sound of the future.

♫ Wolf Saga – Reign At Night

Check out more from Wolf Saga on SoundCloud.

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2 comments on “[Audio] Wolf Saga’s ‘Reign At Night’

  1. 나이 차이에 많이 나고 한두달 밖에 안되었고 해외에 있어 얼굴도 자주 못보는데 결혼해서 잘도 살겠니 나중에 이혼하겠지 둘다 곧 헤어지겠는데 뭘 ~쓸거 없으니 오버해서 기사 막 쓰는구나

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