[MP3] Let Em Riot’s ‘I Know’


Let Em Riot

We have a treat for you to kick off the week. A new freebie from Californian retro SynthPop artist Let Em Riot. Riding high on the success of his SlashWave EP (released via electronic rumors) Let Em Riot presents I Know, his latest masterpiece, for the incredibly cheap price of an email address.

I Know is just the kind of top quality trip you’d expect from this guy. Nostalgic, without being trite. Catchy without being reparative. Beautiful without being, er, not-beautiful. I Know breezes out of your speakers and when, after the tension building verse, the track launches into it’s sweeping, epic, chorus you can’t help but be hooked. It’s difficult for us to big up one of out own artists, but Alan Oakes really is one of the best songwriters in electronic music right now, hell that’s why we signed him, and I Know is just further proof of this. If you haven’t experienced Let Em Riot yet, here’s your gateway.

Let Em Riot – I Know

Let Em Riot’s SlashWave EP is out right now!

Buy Let Em Riot’s music from:


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