[Audio] Tesla Boy’s ‘1991’


Tesla Boy

Russian crew Tesla Boy are easily one of the best ElectroPop acts around today. Since their emergence in 2008 with a demo EP on their MySpace site they have been champions of a retro 80s sound. With overtones of Disco, Indie and SynthWave, these guys have always kept it 80s. Until now. their new single, cunningly titled 1991, is loaded with early 90s musical references. A new direction for Tesla Boy, or a one-off? Only time will tell.

1991 is all Hip Hop beats, samples vocal snatches and a Pop House vibe, and ‘y’know what? It works. Mainly due to Tesla Boy’s talent, these guys are master songwriters and performers, it’s not surprise that when they break their meld they can still deliver the goods. With their interpretation of the Soul II Soul Back To Life beat and big House synths, Tesla Boy still manage to sound like Tesla Boy and deliver an optimistic song that probably mirrors a new found sense of optimism in Russia in 1991 with the birth of the Russian Federation. The reMix line-up for the single it pretty impressive too. Portuguese Disco guru Xinobi takes his time with the track and delivers a smooth, slick Disco-House rework before dropping in some sumptuous Dub grooves and making thoroughly intoxicating summer dance track. Fellow Russians 7he Myriads go with a live sounding vibe and put the 80s back into Tesla Boy, while Fon.Leman turns-in a complex big room tune with hints of Disco and Progressive House in it’s massive euphoric sound and some hands-in-the-air Trance overtones. Along side these three sit  further remixes from Tonefiction, DZA and SoundSam in a stunning, recommended, reMix package.

♫ Tesla Boy – 1991

♫ Tesla Boy – 1991 (Xinobi reMix)

♫ Tesla Boy – 1991 (7he Myriads reMix)

♫ Tesla Boy – 1991 (Fon.Leman reMix)

Tesla Boy’s 1991 is out today on Gorby Records.

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