[MP3] Mr. Fogg’s ‘Headlock’ + reMix


Mr. Fogg

This week saw the release of the new single from ecclectic Oxford based singer/songwriter Mr. Fogg. Headlock is the latest single from Fogg’s last summer second album, Eleven, following on from his acclaimed 2010 début Moving Parts. To celebrate the single’s release Mr. Fogg is giving away a reMix of the track from London producer Graphics.

Headlock is a heady cocktail of elements rolling over a metronome beat and VL-1 snare. Traditional instruments, cello, glockenspiel, play up against both dark, grinning electronics and bright, breezy, synths. Mr. Fogg’s introspective croon over the top give the track an air of grandiose BedroomPop. this is what you call real interesting Pop music. The Graphics reMix takes the track by the hand and leads it to some dingy warehouse party. Stripped down, but funky, House. Sparse beats and world percussion mix with rounded square basslines and for a track that is every bit as enigmatic as the original.

♫ Mr. Fogg – Headlock (Single Edit)

Mr. Fogg – Headlock (Graphics reMix)

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