[Audio] Russ Chimes reMixes HURTS


Our relationship with HURTS is a bit strained right now. As you know we’ve been supporting them right from the beginning of their career, before that even with Daggers. To us they were the prefect modern SynthPop act, preforming big epic, dramatic, electronic Pop songs with a strange tongue-in-cheek artiness. It was all very Berlin, but with a cheeky British wink too. Easily one of our favourites. then the new single Miracle dropped, and we got worried. A Coldplay-esque stadium rock track with a focus-group-Goth video did not bode well. Then we saw them live last week, and experienced much of the new album, and out fears were not put to rest.  Swinging between epic AOR and 90s industrial Rock, gone was Theo’s cheeky deadpan delivery, to be replaced by pogoing, high kicks (really!), instrument smashing and screaming at the crowd to “come on!”. It’s was a rock show, by-the-numbers. they were absolutely amazing, fantastic light show, charismatic, musically pitch perfect, energetic. We’re just not sure it’s a direction we can get on board with. Good luck to them though.

Luckily, our love affair with the music of Mr. Russ Chime is still going strong, and even more luckily he’s taken the aforementioned Miracle and whipped up a deep, resonant House track from Miracle’s bare bones. Chimes latches on to the raw emotion of the song and lets that feed his music. Playing around with a punchy House bassline and some haunting wood-block sounds, Chimes drops and builds in just the right places, and when he kicks back in, he does it with a full, richness you you’ll be unable to resist grooving to. Finally, we like Miracle!

♫ HURTS – Miracle (Russ Chimes reMix (Radio Edit))

HURTS’ new album Exile is released 11th March.

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