[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards: ROUNDUP


Phew! Well, that was a rollercoaster. The highs! The lows! The winners! Those who walk away empty handed! It’s all too much to bear! The face of electronic music has changed forever and once again a golden Keytar Axeman has been the bringer of dreams, and the shatterer of hopes.

Thankfully that time has come again, y’know the one, the time when we all loosen our collective bow-ties and sip the last of the champagne. The time when we reflect on this year’s proceedings and who’s lives have been totally altered by the electronic rumors Awards 2012


The electronic rumors Awards: BEST SONG –electronic rumors’ top 20 songs of 2012

Winner: MNDR – #1 In Heaven


The electronic rumors Awards: HALL OF FAME– electronic rumors’ Hall Of Fame inductee 2012

Inductee: Daft Punk


The electronic rumors Awards: READER’S CHOICE

Winner: Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL reMix)


The electronic rumors Awards: BEST ALBUM – electronic rumors’ top 20 albums of 2012

Winner: The Presets – Pacifica


The electronic rumors Awards: BEST VIDEO

Winners: Starcadian – St^rs & Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime


The electronic rumors Awards: BEST REMIX – electronic rumors’ top 20 reMixes of 2012

Winner: The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo (Lenno reMix)


The electronic rumors Awards 2012: ELECTRONIC RUMORS’ 2012


The electronic rumors Awards 2012


Annnnnnnnnd…we’re outta’ here. 2012 done and dusted. We’ll see you lot in the new year.


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