[News] The Blog Sound Of 2013 results


So the votes are in and counted and we can now reveal the winner, and the top five, of The Blog Sound of 2013. ‘The Blog Sound Of…’ is the mirror universe, goatee sporting, evil twin of the BBC’s Sound Of … poll. A parallel list, taking in the zeitgeist of grass-roots music commentators, to compliment the BBC’s more industry focused panel. 49 UK blogs took part in the voting, including some on the BBC’s committee, initially resulting in a long-list of  15 acts. That list has now been streamlined into the top five, and the result surprised us a little. We were relatively sure Glasgow ElectroPop trio Chvrches were going home with the top spot. Winners Haim are immensely popular right now with the music blog crowd and one of the biggest hype generators of 2012, but only one vote separated the sisters from runners-up Chvrches.

Anyhoo, there’s more analysis over at Breaking More Waves. We’ll be back properly next week with your regularly scheduled waffle and tunes. See ya’ then.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, our particular nominations for The Blog Sound Of 2013 were Chvrches, Avec Sans, Strangers, Queen Of Hearts & Jupiter. One out of five ‘aint bad, considering 170 artists were nominated. That means one of five of our fingers is on the pulse!

1st Haim

2nd Chvrches

3rd (Joint) Savages

3rd (Joint) Pins

5th The Neighbourhood

The UK music blogs involved were:

A New Band A Day, A Pocket Full Of Seeds, All Noise, Alphabet Bands, Both Bars On,Brapscallions,Breaking More Waves, Brighton Music Blog, Details Of My Life So Far,Don’t Watch Me Dancing, Dots And Dashes, Drunken Werewolf, Eaten By Monsters,Electronic Rumors, Faded Glamour, Folly Of Youth, Flying With Anna, God Is In The TV,Harder Blogger Faster, Howl, In Love Not Limbo, Just Music That I Like, Killing Moon,KowalskiyLove Music : Love LifeMudkiss, Music Broke My Bones, Music Fans Mic,Music Liberation, Music Like Dirt, My Bands Better Than Your Band, Not Many Experts,Peenko, Real Horrorshow, Scottish Fiction, SkeletorySong By Toad, Sounds Good To Me Too,Storm’s Brewing, Sweeping The Nation, The Blue Walrus, The Electricity Club,The Mad Mackerel, The Metaphorical Boat, The Music Hoarder, The Recommender, This Must Be Pop, Von Pip Musical Express,17 Seconds

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