[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards 2012


As we wrap up shenanigans on our Google+ page, it’s time to kick things off properly.

Welcome to the 2012 electronic rumors Awards*!

As ever, these top twenties, and the winners, were incredibly hard to compile. Despite how some may have been bemoaning it has been a great year for electronic music and choosing just twenty of the best songs, remixes and albums released this year was, at times, a painful feat (at one point there were sixty-four ‘best songs’), but we did out best and are pretty happy with the results.

As ever, I’m sure there is stuff we missed, a tune someone will mention or a tune that we’ll remember and we’ll suddenly kick ourselves for not including it, but what’s done is done, let’s all just live with it, OK?

So, without further ado, let the Awards begin!

*It’s a black tie event BTW!

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