[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards: BEST VIDEO


Best Video. Another tough category. We’ve cheated a little this year and delivered two winners, but when it came down to these two we really couldn’t choose between them, no matter how hard we tried, so here we are with two winners.

They are two very different clips too. On the one hand we have Brooklyn based producer Starcadian and his critically acclaimed DIY effort for his track Hea^rt. Directed by Starcadian & Rob O’Neill, the Hea^rt video is a love letter to 80s VHS Sci-Fi, that also somehow manages to flow naturally with the track, the idea of being isolated in deep space acting as a perfect metaphor for the subject matter of the song itself. It’s a gentle, introspective video that deserves repeated viewings to fully absorb.

And on the other hand we have the neon soaked world of Maxime Bruneel’s video for Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1)’s Mr. Overtime. A clip that is a visual treat for the eyes and an almost nightmarish ( at times) symphony of colour and shade. We cannot think of a more perfect video for this track, both visually and conceptually. I also wondered how Bruneel knew what the inside of my head looked like.

As always, you should definitely pick up some of this music, it all comes highly recommended and most can be purchased here:

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