[Audio] Richard X reMixes Susanne Sundfør’s ‘Delirious’


Susanne Sundfør

Scandinavian SynthPop chanteuse and frequent Röyksopp collaborator Susanne Sundfør’s new album, Ten Love Songs, is released later this month. Ahead of the release cam the single Delirious, and now following that comes this massive reMix from Richard X, who we really don’t hear enough from these days. Check out what the ElectroPop producer extraordinaire coxes out of the Norwegian singer below.

Richard delivers his particular brand of playful and experimental, but absolutely Pop, electronic music with this one. Sundfør’s epic and dramatic tale is soundtracked perfectly with a particularly majestic brand of SynthPop; spikey bass rubbing shoulder with rising stings and electro zaps to build and incredibly funky nervous tension.

♫ Susanne Sundfør – Delirious (Richard X reMix)

Susanne Sundfør’s Ten Love Songs album is released 16th February.

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[Download] Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør’s ‘Running To The Sea’ reMixed by Late Nite Tuff Guy and Villa



Norwegian ElectroPop masters Röyksopp and vocalist Susanne Sundfør’s Running To The Sea was released as a single in Norway about this time last year. Their first new single is bloody ages, it was written off the cuff for an appearance on Norwegian Music TV show Lydverket, but went on to create a massive stir online. As a result there is a full reMix package getting a general release, which will include work from Australian master of the edit Late Nite Tuff Guy and Belgium’s finest Villa.

Villa take a laid back Poppy approach to the track. A breezy piano groove and razor sharp synths keep things suitably icy. but Villa inject the Scandinavian quirkiness with a little dancefloor warmth. An immense and encapsulating track that respects the original totally whilst delivering slightly more funk. Just taking the prize though, for us, is the rework from Late Nite Tuff Guy, who just dismantles the whole track and builds it up again as an Italo Boogie Disco monster. A relentless groove, with a dancefloor swing that bubbles under with Acid intensity. A mixture of Disco bass, twisting 303s, Cosmic synths and Susanne Sundfør’s haunting vocal is pretty hard to beat. The energy just keeps building and building in this one, It’s a free download too!

Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea (Late Nite Tuff Guy reMix)

♫ Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea (Villa reMix)

Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør’s Running To The Sea is released 16th December.

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[Audio] Röyksopp’s new single


Recently débuted on Norwegian Music TV show Lydverket, this is the long, long, long awaited new single from Röyksopp. Röyksopp are massive favourites of ours, and in the current climate, wintery cold but sunny as hell, their music just seems to fit. It’s been three years since the amazing junior, and two since it’s more experimental companion Senior, and Running To The Sea, featuring the vocals of Susanne Sundfør is a epic return to the world of Pop.

This track just reminds us how incredible Röyksopp are. Sweeping and dramatic, loaded with emotive piano and rousing drums, it’s a track that you can’t help but feel something for. Like the best Röyksopp tunes it’s kinda’ understated and effortlessly sounds majestic without trying to hard. Sundfør’s powerful vocals are a perfect match for Running To The Sea. There’s not much else to say. Amazing.

♫ Røyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea

Running To The Sea is available to buy in Norway, or you can pick it up at Röyksopp’s online store.

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