[Audio] Roniit’s new EP


Roniit is a Denver based ElectroPop artist who produces complex, beautiful tunes with a decidedly ominous edge. A DIY artist who has built up an impressive following, Roniit has just released her new EP, In The Shadows, a six track collection of rich, emotional Pop songs primed for intense headphone listening.

Kicking off with Only You, the In The Shadow’s EP immediately stakes it’s musical claim. Roniit bills her music as ‘Dark ElectroPop’, we’ve never been keen on that kind of use of the word ‘dark’, as a rule of thumb, if you have to call your music ‘dark’, then it probably isn’t. It’s one of those words, like beautiful, that only really the listener can impart. And that holds out here, as Roniit’s music isn’t really that dark. it’s definitely shot through with a streak of Melancholy, there’s minor keys and sombre soundscapes, but it’s actually pretty uplifting stuff. Comparable in tone to the best 80s Pop, that was always optimistic with a hint of sadness. Dark or not, it’s enchanting stuff, Only You is a majestic symphony of driving beats, growling synths and Roniit’s seriously epic vocals. A powerful opener, Only You is a good primer for the rest of the EP and leads straight into the pseudo-Dubstep beats and passion of Lost At Sea, a track that layers thick heavy synth bass, gently piano and Roniit’s fervid vocals. Roniit’s voice really is the star of this EP, with a warm and rich tone she imparts a wealth of feeling into her performance, never feeling over-the-top or hammy, just full of soul. The EP’s title track reins things in to deliver an atmospheric, sparking ballad, and the atmospherics continue with Into A Dream, a captivating orchestra of drums and buzzing synths. Sleepless takes the EP further down the ballad road and allows Roniit to show off a different, softer, side to her considerable vocal talents, but the time for Roniit’s abilities to really shine if the EP’s final track, I Never Knew. Build around just her and her piano, it;s a nice was to ease yourself out of the intensity of the In The Shadows EP. Our only complaint with the EP is that the occasional wailing guitar solo, amidst the intelligent electronics and rousing voice, sounds really out of place, and quite cheesy, but that in no way distracts from the allure and ferocity of Roniit’s new EP.

♫ Roniit – Only You

♫ Roniit – Lost At Sea

♫ Roniit – Into A Dream

Roniit’s Only You EP is out now on digital, or limited edition hand numbered and signed CD, both available from her Bandcamp.

Buy Roniit’s music from:


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