[Audio] Scarlet Soho’s ‘In Cold Blood’


Scarlet Soho

Next month sees the release of the third studio album from UK SynthPoppers Scarlet Soho. If fair to say that this duo are one of this country’s hidden gems. Them being largely unrecognized and tucked away on the stale Goth/Industrial end of the SynthPop scene is a massive shame as these guys, particularly in the last couple of years, are producing some of the catchiest and most relatable electronic Pop music around. They would easily be able to be high flyers on the Indie-Elector scene, or the proper SynthPop scene with the consistent quality they put out. Hopefully this new full length offering, In Cold Blood, will get them out to the wider audience they definitely deserve.

Waiting no time in pulling on your heartstrings, In Cold Blood launches with it’s title track; a dramatic and rousing slice of vintage Pop that set a tone for the rest of the album, delivering something a little more epic and rich than past Scarlet Soho albums. When The Lights Go Out is the first of the last couple of year’s EP’s lead track to feature on the album, Solo KO and Two Steps From Heartache are also represented and are amongst In Cold Blood’s highlights. When the Light Go Out was featured as one of our top twenty songs of 2012, and amongst it’s album contemporaries sounds as fresh and exciting as ever. What You Need is a nice combination of retro songwriting and modern production, a synergy you’ll find in numerous places on the record, and one of the qualities that make it a standout release. The majority of the listening experience you’ll get on In Cold Blood is an upbeat, nostalgic one; there’s a thread of energy and emotionality running through it’s nine track that is hard to resist, although you will also find quieter moments like the downtempo Depeche Mode of This Town Is Mine that sees James channelling a soloing Martin Gore and surprises such as 2015, a tune best described as ‘Scarlet Soho go full SynthWave’. If we had to guess at the next single, we’d probably pick Gigolo, a song that takes it;s time to grow on you, but soon it’s racing apreggios and utterly epic chorus draw you in and stick in your head. In Cold Blood isn’t a perfect release, Make The Final particularly feels like a mis-step, it’s muddy production doesn’t seem to sit right with it’s peers, but on the whole Scarlet Soho’s third offering is confident, classy and thoroughly deserving of your attention. Also, hidden track!

♫ Scarlet Soho – When The Lights Go Out

♫ Scarlet Soho – Two Steps From Heartache

♫ Scarlet Soho – Solo KO

Scarlet Soho’s In Cold Blood is released 13th February.

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