Scarlet Soho’s new single

Scarlet Soho

A couple of days ago we presented the video for London ElectroPop band Scarlet Soho’s comeback single ‘When The Light’s Go Out’. Time for a look at the whole EP.

The title, and lead, track is the prefect choice for Scarlet Soho to reclaim their rightful place amongst the best ElectroPop bands recording today. It’s an insanely catchy track the will stick in your head all day. Capturing the best of ‘80’s arrangements, especially in the epic vocal harmonisation, and full of lush synth sounds ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is Indie-tinged ElectroPop at it’s finest. There’s two other original tracks on the EP, the moody and enigmatic ‘What You Need’, another chunk of 80’s nostalgia wrapped up in contemporary presentation and  ‘Retail Therapy’, a track with hints of Japan in it’s bass and vocals tinged with melancholy until the big ‘80’s Electro Soul chorus. Also included in the package is a reMix of the title track from Austrian avant-garde ElectroPop outfit Trouble Over Tokyo, who deliver a rolling, tribal, electronic soundscape. The single is definitely a welcome return for these guys, and one that leaves a good impression.

Scarlet Soho – When The Lights Go Out (Radio Edit)

Scarlet Soho – When The Lights Go Out (Tokyotron reMix By Trouble Over Tokyo)

‘When The Lights Go Out’ is released 21st May, you can pre-order here.

Buy Scarlet Soho’s music from:

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