Mitch Murder & Kristine

Mitch Murder

‘You know what would be amazing?’ I often think to myself, ‘a Mitch Murder track with vocals’. Well, the moment has finally arrived, and who has stepped up to the challenge but non other than Greek retro Pop songstress Kristine. The whole thing is just to awesome for words.

Feel The Air is Mitch Murder applying all his abundant musical skill to a big euphoric, retro tinged, dance tune. This is the Mitch Murder sunrise tune, the Mitch Murder’s big hands-in-the-air track. The synths shimmer as Kristine’s sultry voice glides over the track like silk, shining over the ‘80’s licks and lush chords. Pure Dreamwave gold, Check it out now.

Mitch Murder (Feat. Kristine) – Feel The Air

Mitch Murder’s Glass Cities EP is released 1st August.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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