Shit Hot SoundSystem’s new EP


London’s Nu-Disco rising star Shit Hot SoundSystem is gearing up for the release of a brand new EP in the coming months. Three new cuts of late night, summer fun Disco House await all who choose the Shit Hot Soundsystem road. This guys release just keep getting better and better.

The InYourLovin EP kicks off with it’s title track. InYourLovin is the epitome of Shit Hot SoundSystem. Walking the line between edit heavy Nu-Disco and the more electronics laden Dreamwave end of the genre InYourLovin rocks both sampled Disco riffs and lush retro synth work. It never feels over stuffed though, everything sits sweetly in the track and the result is dancefloor gold. 21st Century Disco. Late Night Club Night brings the synthier side of Shit Hot SoundSystem more to the fore and brings an Italo flavour to his work. A deep robotic groove with some majestic, cinematic orchestration lends the track an ominous, but hella funky, vibe. Once again, the Disco riffs and synths combine on the EPs remaining tune, Phosphenes, a breezy slice of party Nu-Disco. Phosphenes layers it’s bouncy groove with a serious vintage Italo riff which should seem out of place, but in fact fits right in the mix and makes this track something special. We’re really digging this direction for Shit Hot SoundSystem and looking forward to the EP release.

♫ Shit Hot SoundSystem – InYourLovin

♫ Shit Hot SoundSystem – Late Night Club Night

♫ Shit Hot SoundSystem – Phosphenes

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