Queen Of Hearts covers Ben Howard

Queen Of Hearts

We’ve got to admit, we have no idea who Ben Howard is. Yesterday PopJustice referred to him as a “full-time borelord” and a very brief investigation of the original version of this tune on YouTube we quickly came to the same assessment. Talented songwriter he may be, but he seems to have ordered a helping of tediously dull performer with that. No matter, it’s just the songwriting talent we’re interested in right now as our reigning ElectroPop monarch Queen Of Hearts (looking very animé in her new promo pics) takes the song into new toe-tapping directions.

Neon collaborator John Myers steps up for production duties once again, which was quite surprising as on our initial listen we had thought it might have been the Sound Of Arrow’s Stefan Storm behind the mixing desk, the track has some TSoA qualities to it. I think it’s the Into The Clouds breakdown that caught our in in that regard. The Queen throws herself into her performance and allows her vocals flowing effortlessly from sultry to ethereal and back again while they dance around the Balearic soundtrack. This one is Queen Of Hearts’ sunrise anthem.

♫ Only Love (Ben Howard cover) (Extended Version)

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ single is out right now. Also out now is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which Queen Of Hearts features.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:

7 comments on “Queen Of Hearts covers Ben Howard

  1. Dull performer?

    Crash, I think you are a little severe, yeah she’s definitely not the funky/R&B type, but when I listened to that track, it felt like a good match for the general chilled feeling of the piece. IMHO, Ben Howard, made a good choice here, selecting smooth vocals to blend harmoniously with the relaxed sound set and composition.

    I just discovered your blog today btw, nice resource of talents – I’ll be coming back !

    • Woah! Read again Dude!
      I never called Queen Of Hearts a dull performer! She’d kick my ass if I did LOL
      I called Ben Howard, the singer who’s track she is covering a dull performer, because he is, all acoustics guitar, listless crooning and faux earnestness. I’m not a fan of folk!
      But I was saying Queen Of Hears makes the track her own, and a million times better.
      If I thought Queen Of hearts was a dull performer I wouldn’t have had her appear on my compilation album, or put her on live!

      I think you’re a bit confused about what this song is.
      It’s not Ben Howard featuring Queen Of Hearts.
      Ben Howard is an acoustic folk artists who originally recorded this song. Queen Of Hearts, produced by John Myers, have recorded their own version of the track.

      Ben Howard’s version = dull as fuck
      Queen Of Hearts’ version = pure awesome.

  2. Queen of Hearts cover of Ben’s song is good.

    Her 1,800 followers on Facebook and 1,670 on Twitter compares with Ben’s 234,000 Facebook followers, 150,000 followers on Twitter, debut album sales of over 250,000, (No. 8 in the iTunes chart – Nos.1 to 7 all compilation albums) and sell out concerts across the globe, including three nights at Brixton Academy.

    Describing him as a full time bore-lord, dull as fuck or tediously dull performer is clearly rich, and contrary to popular opinion. The Mercury Prize website describes him as uplifting and energetic. Seeing him live it would be hard to disagree with that.

    Don’t think he’ll be covering anything written by the Queen of Hearts!

    • ….zzzzz……..oh, sorry, I was dropping off just reading what you wrote about him.
      Ah, I see you’ve gone a done some reserch and bought into the numbers game than anyone with any insight into the music industry is trying to move away from. Well done there. Pity Facebook likes and Twitter followers are largely meaningless these days and can be manipulated to the point where they have little to no real world relevence. But nice effort anyway. 😀
      So he’s sold a lot of records has he? Bob the Builder’s ‘Can We Fix It?’ was number one in 2000, what’s your point? When has record sales and marketing ever specifically equaled talent? Sure the two go hand in hand often, but one is no indication of the other.
      No, your anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean a lot, the only thing that counts really is the music, and Ben Howard’s music is quite…zzzzzzz…..
      Sorry, dropped off again.

      Apologies, I forget, which if the twenty-seven million tedious folk artists with aimless voices and accousic guitars were we talking about again?

      P.S. PopJustice called him a “full time bore-lord”, I was mearely quoting. As much as I’d like to be able to take credit for that little gem. A bizarrely respected music industry insider wrote that.

      • More than you’d imagine actually 😉

        Actually, it’s probably about the same amount of people who find being an Internet know-it-all and Folk music sock-puppet, who trolls electronic music websites, endearing too.

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