[Audio] Makeup And Vanity Set’s ‘Praxis’



OK, are you sitting down? This is going to get a bit confusing. Nashville based SynthWavers Makeup And Vanity Set are about to release a new EP, 7​.​25​.​2148, which is a prologue to two concept albums to be released in the coming months. In advance of the EP they released one of the tracks, Praxis, as a single with new track A Prologue as it’s B-side, but you get the full Praxis single featuring reMixes from Pilotpriest, Magic Sword and Sabrepulse if you by the CD version of the EP. Got it? Rather than give ourselves a headache we’re just going to look at the Praxis single and it’s reMixes single today, the one you get free when you buy the 7​.​25​.​2148 EP. It’s all good.

So then, Praxis? As well as being 7​.​25​.​2148’s standout track is a storming slice of synthetic futurism. Loaded with twisting synths and a pounding Italo beat, Makeup And Vanity Set conjure an enigmatic mood. Intertwining melodies and lead lines sparkle like starlight amidst the warm glow of the rich pads. it;s a track full of mystery and optimism that’s can still get you shaking on the dancefloor once it’s dominant riff kicks in. The best of soundtrack inspired SynthWave and up-all-night Italo in one tune. The amazing Pilotpriest delivers a suitable epic mix of the track. Wrapping Praxis in his trademark emotional electronic orchestration Pilotpriest takes the listener away to far off galaxies. Injecting the track with a little digital funk is Magic Sword, who’s reMix is a marching robot Disco tune is as unsettling as it is funky.. The 7​.​25​.​2148 EP itself is a magical synthesizer oddessy through different moods and soundscapes and, frankly, the Praxis reMix package with worth the price alone.

♫ Makeup And Vanity Set – Praxis

♫ Makeup And Vanity Set – Praxis (Pilotpriest reMix)

♫ Makeup And Vanity Set – Praxis (Magic Sword reMix)

The Praxis single is out now, the 7​.​25​.​2148 which the Praxis reMix package come free with is released 28th March digitally and on limited edition CD that also comes with all kinds of goodies.

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Magic Sword reMixes Purity Ring

Purity Ring

Hot on the heels of last month’s feature on American SynthWaver Magic Sword, the man stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox with his latest reMix. 4AD’s Purity Ring get the reMix treatment this time as Magic Sword whips up their deep, dubby, shoegazey Indie-ElectroPop into retro synth frenzy.

Magic Sword’s reMix of Obedear does the seemingly impossible. It keeps the moody atmosphere of the track but injects it with some deep Italo sounds. It’s an enveloping blanket of rich synthesizer sounds juxtaposed with a toytown electronic melody. Magic Sword effortlessly blends the otherworldly, ominous, tone of Obedear with his own 80s inspired electronica, the result is unique and immensely listenable.

Purity Ring – Obedear (Magic Sword reMix)

Obedear is taken from Purity Ring’s

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Magic Sword

Magic Sword

Here is a couple of the latest tracks from American SynthWave producer Magic Sword as an introduction to the man. He hails from Boise, the only thing I know about Boise is that where Hewlett Packard is based, I know this because I worked (a long time ago) for Hewlett Packard in the UK and everyone was always harping on about Boise. So let’s see what else Boise has to offer.

Magic Sword makes quite fantastical, 80s influenced, instrumental electronic music. With signature waves of arpeggios and ringing melodies he transports the listener to an otherwordly place. The first of his new tunes, A New Hope, is a mid paced synthetic lullaby. Warm and inviting but with a slight chill coming from some icy synth work. Also released recently is Discover, which shows Magic Swords more upbeat, Italo side. Moodier than A New Hope, Discover brings out some dark Moroder styling and big retro stabs in a track that plays an oppressive mood against bright optimistic chords for a feeling of triumph over adversity. And what 80’s soundtrack is worth it’s salt without a good old triumph over adversity tune?

♫ Magic Sword – New Hope

♫ Magic Sword – Discover

Check out more from Magic Sword on SoundCloud.