Jupiter reMixed by DiscoRazor


The Jupiter momentum just doesn’t quit, it seems like every other day we have something awesome about the French ElectroPop duo to write about. In this instance fellow Frenchman and master of Disco and SynthWave DiscoRazor has turned his reMixing attentions to Jupiter’s ‘Hula Hoop’ from the recently released eleven tracks of pure awesome they call ‘Juicy Lucy’.

The original is pretty indicative of Jupiter. ElectroPop with a Disco flavour with a slight Indie vibe and some melodically chopped up vocals. DiscoRazor strips out the Indie guitar and replaces it with some seriously smooth Disco with a bit of a House edge to it. DiscoRazor shows his SynthWave side in the track too, with a twisted synth solo that leads right into a slick piano breakdown. DiscoRazor has delivered a slick carefree tune packed with Funk that perfectly compliments Jupiter’s original whist making it slightly more palatable to late night dancefloors. You could od a lot worse than investigating DiscoRazor’s recently released ‘Golden Night’ EP.

Jupiter – Hula Hoop (DiscoRazor reMix)

Jupiter’s début album ‘Juicy Lucy’ is out now, read out review here.

Buy Jupiter’s music from:

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