A.N.D.Y.‘s ‘Tape Four’


A.N.D.Y.– A.N.D.Y. Tape Four = A.N.D.Y’s latest mixtape is ready to roll. Fifty minutes of fine fresh grooves. This one is funky as hell and includes a brand new A.N.D.Y. reMix!

♫ A.N.D.Y.- A.N.D.Y. Tape Four

The tracklist:

01. Da Chick – Cocktail
02. Jupiter – Hoola Hoop
03. Matan Arkin – Dancer in the Dark
04. James Curd & Gant Man – Do The Dance That I Do (Mark Share)
05. Jay Tripwire – Treat Him Like (Pete Herbert Remix)
06. The Look – You Can Dance (Pat Lok ‘lawn sprinkler’ Dub)
07. Bodyspasm – Twenty Radio’s (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
08. Duke Dumont – Street Walker
09. Mike Mago – The Power
10. Disclosure – Tenderly

A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s ‘Traffic’ EP is out now on Discotexas.

Buy A.N.D.Y.’s music from:

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