Danger’s ‘22h39’


Whether leaks harm or help and artist in their promotion I open for debate, I can say that, whether harming or hurting, it probably fucks up their pre-planned release track somewhat. Over the weekend a new track from Outrun originator Danger leaked, which looks like it forced his hand to release it through official channels, so here it is.

Danger was one of the undisputed reigning champions of Electro in 2007, even now you can drop something like ‘11h30’ and the place will go apeshit, but other than trickles, and the occasional leak (usually ripped from a live set) EP’s are very few and far between, three in five years, and the last one was two years ago. So the release of ‘22h39’ sees a Danger that despite first appearances isn’t all that different from the Danger of old. His production were always measured and melodic and although the beat is more Disco than Electro-House, it’s still the haunting, driving, powerful Danger we remember.

♫ Danger – 22h39

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