CHEW LiPS new track


A while back we got our first listen to one of the new tracks from London Indie-ElectroPop (now) two-peice CHEW LiPS on their ‘Mini Mixtape’, alongside the Um-Bongo music. Now the duo have released the entire track for our listening pleasure, and a taste of what’s to come.

‘Do You Chew?” is a initial look at a rawer, more gritty CHEW LiPS sound. Pulsating and sexy, the new track drops some of the Pop sheen the band had acquired by the time their début album ‘Unicorn’ had dropped and returns to the more live, garage ElectroPop sound of the first few demos. It’s actually not as moody as we had gathered from it’s mixtape appearance, in full it’s got a nice groove, with almost an old school Hip Hop swing, layered with buzzing and grinding synths and Tigs’ playful vocals. Definitely a welcome return for these guys, hopefully they’ll be going on the road soon so we can catch more of their legendary live shows.

CHEW LiPS – Do You Chew?

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