The C90s’ ‘May Chart Mix’

The C90s

The C90s – May Chart Mix = I swear it hasn’t been a month since The C90s last mix? Maybe it’s just me still rocking Aprils collection. For May they drops a whole host of fresh tunes, including A.N.D.Y. & Vincente’s ‘El Barrio’, a tune we’ve only been teased so far.

The C90s – May Chart Mix

The tracklist:

01. Alexander Louvre – This Feeling
02. Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje reMix)
03. Pillow Talk – Makings of a Lover
04. Bukka & Molinari – Mind Games
05. Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)
06. A.N.D.Y. & Vincente – El Barrio
07. DJ Agent 86 – El Himno Ibiza (Disco Funk Mix)
08. Moon Runner – Interactive Track
09. Rambla Boys – Cocomero (Frank Agrario reMix)
10. Cristalli Liquidi – Volevi Una Hit
11. Shep ‘N’ Wily – Hefty Done Me Right
12. Betamax – Disco Dracula
13. Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime (Club Mix)

If you’re in London on 26th of May you can Catch The C90’s alongside Edwin Van Cleef, Futurecop!, Fear Of Tigers and yours truly at The Nest in Dalston, details here.

Buy The C90s’ music from:

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