Karin Park & Ladytron

Karin Park

Following last years ‘Tiger Dreams’ EP Karin Park has announced the release of her new album ‘Highwire Poetry’ next month, kicking things off with this lead-in, crazy good single ‘Restless’.

Her PR likes to call Karin ‘Electro-Goth’, really, take it from me, she’s not, not in the slightest, she is so far above that if she looked down she could barely see the tiny Electro-Goths running around like ants. What Karin actually is, is an incredible talented, interesting, unique ElectroPop artist who makes songs that are equally quirky, emotionally resonant and catchy. ‘Restless’ is one of those songs, a rousing, majestic slice of Icy Scandinavian analog Pop with an infections synth line and impassioned vocals. the single has been reMixes by Ladytron’s Reuben Wu, who apparently heard the track live and ran with it. Ruben delivers something surprisingly funky considering Ladytron’s recent work. recalling Ladytron of old, it’s a raw synth-fest that revels in Rubens electronic genius with layers and layers of sonic elements. Prefer the original though….

♫ Karin Park – Restless (Ladytron reMix)

♫ Karin Park – Restless (Radio Edit)

The ‘Restless’ single is out via State Of The Eye Recordings on 21st May with her début album ‘Highwire Poetry’ coming 28th May.

Buy Karin Park’s music from:

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