Cusax’s new track


Cusax is, of course, 80’s Stallone’s Chris Stallone  and Chris Faccone from Savage House who, last year, dropped their very impressive Poppy SynthWave ‘Got That Feeling’ EP. The duo are back together for more soundtrack inspired goodness in the form of the perfectly titled ‘Crash’.

With a name like that, it’s hard to imagine how the track can be anything less than prefect. Luckily the track more than lives up to the lofty expectations bestowed by it’s moniker. ‘Crash’ is a beautiful mid-tempo builder. Full of lush synths, rife with an emotion prescience and Cusax combine a burbling Italo bassline with layers of rich pads and chords, rising and falling, carving out a mood. Sprinkled, liberally, with shimmering, echoey leads ‘Crash’ takes us through a nostalgic, introspective electronic journey. More please!

♫ Cusax – Crash

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