Gigamesh reMixes Ladyhawke


In the first of a Gigamesh double whammy today we finally get to hear his version of Ladyhawke’s new single ‘Sunday Drive’. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the one! This is the killer version of this track! This is the one you’ll be dancing to for the next couple of months!

It’s a Disco juggernaut. Loaded with majestic chords and arpeggios that fly around the mix. There something incredibly dramatic about the almost Acid arpeggio sweeps in this mix, adding a rising and falling tension which, when coupled with the track make for something  quite special. Whilst we do love the songs on Ladyhawke’s new album, the whole tone isn’t as fun new wave is is was previously so it;s the reMixes that we are excited about. We’re big fans of Pips voice and songwriting, so when we hear them over tom-popping Disco like this it really makes out day.

♫ Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (Gigamesh reMix)

‘Black, White And Blue’ is out now on Modular Recordings.

Buy Ladyhawke’s music from:

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