Polydor & ATTAR!


“Hi, I’m the Belgian label-boss of Midnight Munchies and also produce under the name Polydor, I’m going to be sued very very soon but until that happens I’m going to release an awesome EP of weird and deep House music and include a storming reMix from ATTAR!. I should have taken notes from him, two ‘T’s and a ‘!’ and no-one’s suing him!”

‘The Future Past’ is Polydor’s team up with singer Gustaph for a bit of abrasive ElectroPop action with massive House undertones and laser synth awesomeness, but ATTAR! takes the deep House weirdness one notch further. He brings a moody Moroder groove to the track too, putting his Disco background to good use while littering it with Acid and Progressive references. When the hypnotic vocals chant “Something’s coming, are you ready?” amongst ATTAR!’s BladeRunner city streets beats, you really feel like the future is crashing down on you. Either that or you’re lost in music on a strobe lit dancefloor. Same thing really.

♫ Polydor – The Future Past (ATTAR! reMix)

Polydor – The Future Past

‘The Future Past’ is out 16th April.

Check out more from Polydor on SoundCloud.

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