Ronika’s ‘Automatic’ video

The video for, Madonna Of The Midlands™, Ronika’s awesome ‘Automatic’ is here.

To be honest, it’s pretty unbelievable just what you can do with CGI these days, the shots of Ron amidst the waves are so photo realistic you can smell the brine. Did I mention there was surfing? Most importantly though there is an inverted keys Korg Poly 800, or maybe that’s CGI too, ’cos it’s pretty rare. Anyhoo, loving Ron’s DIY vids, I hope even when she has a major label budget she still makes clips like this. Oh and Sam Potter from Late Of The Pier and John Sampson from Swimming all got involved.

You can pre-order the pay-what-you-want ‘Automatic’ EP here.

Ronika also appears on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1′, out now!

Buy Ronika’s music from:

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