Cadillac covers Daft Punk


Covering something from Daft Punk’s legendary, and frankly untouchable, ‘Discovery album? That’s a pretty brave act. Let’s see how Australian Dreamwavey Indie-Electro outfit Cadillac tackle this huge, and dangerous feat.

‘Too Long’ is one of the most vocal tracks Daft Puck have ever done, so it’s probably the best choice for a band to cover and Cadillac do an admirable job. Produced as part of Le Coq Sportif and Future Classic’s series of Australian covers of classic French tracks, the cover is a chilled out Tropical take o the track. Cadillac haven’t tried to reproduce the laid back French Disco House of the original but rather gone down a new beach vibe route, probably a good idea.

♫ Cadillac – Too Long (Daft Punk Cover)

You can download the track for free here.

Buy Cadillac’s music from:


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