Moullinex reMixes Karin Park

Karin Park png

Moullinex’s latest awesome Disco workout is a reMix of Swedish singer/songwriter and synth fiddler Karin Park’s ‘Fryngies’.

It;s the second single from her forthcoming new album ‘High Wire Poetry’ and Moullinex goes all out to wash the icy, Dubby,  ElectroPop with a low-down groove. You wouldn’t have immediately though that the chilly, razor sharp synths of the original could be given such a warm Tropical make-over but Moullinex brings in a Funking bassline, a shuffling beat and some chiming synths  and take Karin to the beach, whether she likes it or not!

Karin Park – Fryngies (Moullinex reMix)

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One comment on “Moullinex reMixes Karin Park

  1. Moullinex is such a great Portuguese producer, I hope he won’t get any legal trouble regarding his name once he gets the worldwide mainstream recognition that he certainly deserves. Kitchen appliances’ brands have notoriously vicious lawyers! : )

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