At some point the Russian SynthWave scene is going to have to slow down for a bit and let the rest of the world catch up, this past year so many amazing acts have come out of Russia. Pteez is latest in this long line to mix ‘80’s soundtrack electronics with a touch of funky Nu-Disco.

All three of the tracks on Pteez SoundCloud display a skill for getting an Italo groove going and warping it a little for the dancefloor. ‘Stardust’ is one of my favourites,  bright, sparkling synths dance over retro Italo basslines. But far from ridged, it’s got a late ‘80’s Electronic Soul swing that saw white guys dancing like fantastic idiots for the better part of the decade. ‘Soundwind’ is deeper, more traditional SynthWave, epic movie soundtrack stuff that thrives on huge retro chords and soaring leads that carry along in it’s story. ‘Trains In Colour’ had got an awesome B-Boy Electro flavour to it, a nice Electro Funk in it’s FM bassline. It’s not often you get to hear a proper meeting of B-Boy Electro and SynthWave and ‘Trains In Colour’ really nails it, with it’s twisted leads and synth toms its a rack after my own heart.

Pteez – Stardust

Pteez – Soundwind

Pteez –  Trains In Colour

Check out more from Pteez on SoundCloud.

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