Queen Of Hearts’ Valentines gift

Queen Of Hearts

So, I’m ill, the last two weeks leading up to the release of ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ and it’s launch  party been stressful and damn hard work. The launch was massive, the place was paced and jumping and people came from far and wide to witness some of the best ElectroPop in the world. Some of those people brought some lurgie with them and my sleep and food deprived body just didn’t have the energy to mount a defence. Yes, it’s the man flu (hence the lack of posts the last couple of days).

So leave it to Queen Of Hearts, fresh from a jaw-dropping performance at the ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ launch party to cheer me up with a 48 hour preview of her brand new material (which she played some of  on Friday, and was awesome) as a Valentine’s present to you all, seeing as how she is, ostensibly, the patron saint of today. She’s spreading the love with a track she’s been honing live for a while, ‘A Moment In Love’, which is big, epic Pop of the highest order. The track pulls you in with a nice squarewave bassline reminiscant of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, but Queen Of Hearts pulls off some vocal chops that Kylie probably couldn’t (sorry Kylie!) that lend the track and extra kick of edgy drama. And that’s why we love Queen Of Hearts, there’s a darkness, a dangerousness, to her, which is always going to make her one of the more interesting Pop stars of the 21st century.

Queen of Hearts – A Moment In Love

The download is only gonna’ be up for 48 hours, so grab it while it’s box fresh!

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Arrival’ EP is out now, as is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which she features.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:


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