Max Action

max action

Max Action. You can only really say it in a deep, movie trailer narration, voice, with a pause in between. Max. Action. Max Action is the chosen moniker of , well, who know? Someone Canadian. They don’t write bios apparently, or attempt to promote themselves much at all. What they do do however, is write epic SynthWave tunes. So let’s focus on that for the time being.

‘Terminal Crazy’ is Max Action’s latest song, or should we call it a soundtrack, is over ten minutes long. This kind of length gives Max room to tell a musical narrative with what he’s doing and really create a mood. It’s a synthesized Sci-Fi odyssey combining layers of intense machine riffs with lush pads robotic melodies. The score to a retro futuristic galactic war, ‘Terminal crazy’ is as exciting and involving as the imaginary movie it sets the tone for. While you’re hear, check out his reMix of Fear Of Tigers’ ‘the Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’, which gives the track a gritty, ‘80’s feel with some surprisingly funky percussion.

Max Action – Terminal Crazy

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Max Action Rmx)


Check out more from Max Action on SoundCloud.

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