Michigan based RxGibbs is the latest producer to join the awesome Cascine family, releasing his first EP for them toward the end of February. Ron Gibbs is keeping it chill but not forgetting tracks need a hook.

Taking Chillwave to it’s logical extreme is something that has been on the cards for a while now. It was only a matter of time before someone bled reverb soaked ElectroPop into true ambient and RxGibbs kinda’ hit’s that mark between the two. The six tracks on his forthcoming ‘Futures’ EP are supremely chilled electronica, atmospheric soundscapes layered with evolving tones and roomy beats. Droning synths echo around ethereal, half heard, vocals. The whole effect is quite haunting. But here’s where RxGibbs doesn’t forget the hook, most of the tracks on the EP have got a pretty solid rhythm section. Almost Disco beats and head -nodding basslines keeps the tracks in check, keep them grounded and keep them something that’s still fun to listen to. Check out the EP’s title track, ‘Futures’, one of the more left-field grooves on the records, and experiment in the filter as an instrument with hypnotic synth bass groove.

RxGibbs – Futures

RxGibbs’ ‘Futures’ EP is out 21st February on Cascine.

Buy RxGibbs’ music from:


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