Mirrors’ new EP


This week Brighton SynthPop outfit Mirrors released a brand new EP on their Bandcamp page.

The ‘This Year, Next Year, Sometime . . . ?’ EP contains two new tracks, ‘Dust’ and ‘Shooting Stars’, and five new demos. it was put together by the band to help fund their return to the studio for a new full length album and it’s well worth the price. ‘Dust’ is classic SynthPop, powerful and brooding and capturing that ‘just right’ SynthPop atmosphere of melancholy shot through with hit of hope. Along with ‘Dust’, if ‘Shooting Stars’ is anything to go by, we Mirrors get back in the studio soon. It’s a gorgeous peice of synthesizer based Indie-Electro with all the darkness and majesty you’d expect from these guys. Buying the EP seems like a worthy cause, and seven awesome tracks to boot.

♫ Mirrors – Dust

♫ Mirrors – Shooting Stars

The ‘This Year, Next Year, Sometime . . . ?’ EP is available now.

Buy Mirrors’ music from:


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