Dusty Digital reMixes R3set


Dusty Digital is a Boston based producer who you may remember from his entry in the Fear Of Tigers ‘Pippy Longsrump’ reMix competition. He’s not turned his attention to the title track from R3set’s ‘Runaway’ EP.

Dusty is developing a really interesting sound. On first listen he seems to be on Nu-Disco or Dreamwave tip, but there’s a lot more going on under the hood. In this reMix there are strong elements of both ‘80’s Pop and early ‘90’s House, in the melodies and basslines respectively, which makes for something a bit fresh sounding to compliment R3sets ethereal ElectroPop track. Dusty Digital has evoked a new atmosphere for the track, one of distance befitting the subject matter.

R3set – Runaway (Dusty Digital reMix)

R3set’s ‘Runaway’ EP is out now.

Buy R3set’s music from:

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