The C90s reMix Trujillo (& The Penelopes)


The C90s are knocking quality reMixes out at an alarming rate these days, They’re like a well oiled reMix machine!

Venezuela Chilled House dude Trujillo gets the The C90s sheen this time around as they morph his track ‘Distance’ into a smooth synthetic Disco. Taking the slightly shogazey, slightly Chillwavey sound of the original The C90’s slap just the right amount of vintage synth groove underneath to give the track a kick, but not to kill it’s charm. Their raw Disco is also applied  to Indie-Popsters The Penelopes’ ‘Now Now Now’, with a truck load of Moog Funk.

♫ Trujillo (Feat. Mister Casanova) – Distance (The C90s reMix)

♫ The Penelopes – Now Now Now (The C90s Remix)

Buy Trujillo’s music from:


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