Sometimes an artist comes along and takes you totally by surprise, blowing you away. Pinemarten is one of those artists.

I’ve spent much of the day listening to his new album ‘If You Thought There Was Any Doubt’. It’s an incredibly impressive début, the whole album is retro leaning, lush, impassioned ElectroPop. A reverb soaked (although not so much it falls into Chillwave territory) synthesizer journey through a life in soft focus with a surprising amount of Funk involved. One minute you’ll be all encompassed by the layers of dreamlike sounds then suddenly Pinemarten will drops some big ‘80’s chords or a wicked Moog Funk lead. The album ties itself together with Pinemarten vocals, binging a very human, intimate and relatable quality to the record that pushes it over the line into the realms of genius.

Pinemarten – Don’t Let Me Be Denied

‘If You Thought There Was Any Doubt’ is released 20th November and comes highly recommended.

Buy Pinemarten’s music from:

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