Strangers’ EP3


After a few months of SynthPop rapidly falling out of favour with the Indie crowd, London based three peice Strangers seem destined to drag it back into the pages of the NME with their forthcoming third EP.

Much is being made of the trio’s so-called Dark Pop, words like ‘gothic’ and ’gloomy’ are being bandied around in reference to their music but I kinda’ disagree. Sure, the tracks are shot through with a streak of melancholy and the lyrics tend to lean toward the despondent, but ‘dark’ music this isn’t. The cleverly titled ‘EP3’ contains three cuts of catchy, surprisingly upbeat SynthPop. With beautiful, full, production and rousing choruses the whole EP mixes a hint of ‘80’s Pop with modern studio wizardry and delivers an experience that combines unexpectedly dancey electronic Pop with an infections vocal performance that will have you listening over and over again.

I’m also quite proud that I managed to go a whole paragraph without mentioning HURTS.

♫ Strangers (Feat. Lara Smiles) – Promises

♫ Strangers – Because I’m Human

♫ Strangers – Sweet Nothing

Strangers’ ‘EP’3’ is out 28th November.

Buy Strangers’ music from:


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